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STL Files

5015 Fan Duct for Hemera V6

This is my own designed fan duct for a 5015 fan to fit on a Hemera with a V6 hot end. This an ongoing project that has not been fully tested. Feel free to give it a try and let me know how it works for you. NOTE: Use M4x.0.7x20 to mount the fan and M3x.0.5x8 to mount to the extruder.

BL-Touch Mount for SWX1

This is the mount I use for a BL-Touch on my Sidwinder X1

Drag Chan Mounting Brackets for TwoTrees SP-5

Mounting Brackets to install a CAMXTOOL 10x11 Drag Chain on your TwoTrees SP-5

Hemera 5015 Fan duct, V6, Volcano and REVO

This is my my revised fan duct for a 5015 fan to fit on an E3D Hemera with V6, Volcano and REVO hot ends. NOTE: Use M4x.0.7x20 to mount the fan and M3x.0.5x8 to mount to the extruder.

Hemera Revo/Revo XS Mounting Brackets for TwoTrees SP-3 and SP-5

Mounting Brackets to install an E3D Hemera Revo or Revo XS with dual 5015 fans on your TwoTrees SP5 or SP3.

SP-5 Direct Drive Bowden Bracket

Bracket to hold Bowden tube for direct drive extrusion systems on a TwoTrees SP-5

SWX1 & SWX2 5015 Part Cooling Fan Duct

A remix of my preferred fan duct to fit a 5015 fan. This will clear the leveling probe on the Sidewinder X2.

SWX2 & Genius Pro 5015 Fan Duct V2.0

Part Cooling Duct to use in conjunction with a BL-Touch using my SWX2/GPRO BL-Touch mounting bracket

SWX2 and Genius Pro BL-Touch-CR-Touch Mount

Easily replace your stock probe on your Sidewinder X2 or Genius Pro with a BL-Touch, CR-Touch or 3D-Touch using this mount. Use M3 screws to mount. The nozzle to probe offset is close to stock so you can get by without updating the firmware with the new values but for maximum accuracy I suggest changing the values in the firmware.

Sidewinder & Genius Hemera Mount W/BL Touch

Simple adaptor plate to mount an E3D Hemera to both Sidewinder and Genius 3D printers. Works with REVO, V6 and Volcano hot ends. BL Touch mount is stealthily hidden behind the extruder assembly and probes very close to the nozzle. Plenty of space to fit your cooling fan duct of choice. You can also download my cooling fan duct as well.

Sidewinder X1 Spool Holder and Guides

This is the spool holder and upper guides I use on my Sidewinder X1

Sidewinder X2 Gantry Supports

Simple brackets to increase the rigidity of the Z axis to reduce z wobble. Use M3x12mm socket head cap screws with washers to mount to the stepper motors.

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