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The EP3D in house designed upgraded extruder break out board.  Your choice of having a DuPont or JST connector for the BL-Touch. Watch my step by step guide on installing this on your Sidewinder X1 3D printer;

Sidewinder X1 Upgraded Extruder PCB


    My in house designed and assembled upgraded extruder breakout board for the Sidewinder X1. It features a new PCB design with thicker traces between connectors. Dedicated BL-Touch/3D Touch Probe connection with your choice of a DuPont or JST connector for said probe. Quality Amphenol locking FPC connector for the ribbon cable. Amphenol screw terminal for the heater cartridge. And genuine JST connectors for the fans, thermistor and stepper motor.


    All PCBs are shipped via USPS from Washington State USA. Due to the pandemic, shipping times outside of the US have gone up. Shipments to Europe and Australia have been taking between two and four weeks. We apoligize for this delay and hope that shipping times will go back to normal soon.


    Please note that we can fit up to six PCBs in the boxes we use to ship these due to the box size and shipping cost. If you require more than four boards please contact us so we can work out a solution for you.

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