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Tutorial Info

In this tutorial I will give you a step by step guide on tuning Input Shaping on your 3D printer running Marlin firmware version 2.1.2 or newer. If your machine does not have this version of Marlin you will need to compile and update your specific 3D printers firmware to this version. For this example I will be using my Artillery Sidewinder X2 and will provide firmware for that machine, the Genius Pro and Hornet. There will also be pre-sliced gcode files that you will need to download and print as I go along. If you do not have one of these 3D Printers thats ok, there will be a link to the marlin download page where you can get the latest version and example configs for a slew of machines, yours is most likely on there.


This process will require updating and installing firmware on your 3D printer. I highly recommend obtaining a copy of the original firmware your machine came with as a backup should something go wrong with the new firmware due to user error or bugs. I am not responsible for any damage done to your 3D printer, PROCED AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Step 1.

Start by downloading the necessary  firmware and G-Code files for your 3D printer by selecting one of the following.

Step 2.

Update your 3D printer with the required firmware. If you are using and Artillery 3D Printer with a RUBY mainboard, here is a video tutorial on how to do it.

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